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Lisbon developments

Lisbon city council which reacquired responsibility for the management of its transport operator, Carris, in February, 41 years after it was taken over by the state, is to invest €80 million in the company between now and 2019, with €61 million of that going into renewing the fleet, including the purchase of electric vehicles..

Between now and 2019 the company plans to adopt 12 'priority measures', some of which are already being implemented, such as the creation of new, more attractive and fairer fares, fleet renewal, the hiring of 200 new drivers, the implementation of a neighbourhood network encompassing 21 new bus routes, and the expansion of the tram network - including the extension of the route of the No.15 to Santa Apolónia rail station and the return of the No. 24, from Cais do Sodré station to Amoreiras shopping centre.

Other planned transport measures in this, a local election year, include more efficient bus lanes, more car parks to encourage a reduction in private vehicle use, coordination with the planned shared-bike scheme, the creation of a new mobile application, and the installation of free WiFi internet in the whole Carris network.

11 May 2017

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