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Hyde Pier Railway

The ferry service between Hythe and Southampton had faced an uncertain future due to declining passenger numbers following an accident in 2016. This would have also put at risk the historic electric railway along the 640m pier which connected with the ferry sailings. A boat hire company, Blue Funnel Cruises took over the pier, railway and ferry service from 21 April with the intention of replacing the ferry with a newer vessel. The eventual sale or lease of the pier and railway to a community group for a £2m-£3m restoration is being proposed as such a group could access lottery funding not available to the company.

More than 9,000 people had signed a petition to save the 19th Century pier and ferry. They won support from television historian Dan Snow, who said the ferry and 'the oldest running pier train anywhere in the world' were 'national treasures'.

11 May 2017

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