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Members' Presentations

17th July 2018

This year's theme for members' presentations following the Area AGM was 'Trams by the Seaside' when we had more material than could be shown in the available time.

Eddie Dawes started with a very comprehensive view of the British seaside starting by going down the Thames from London and thence clockwise around the coast of England, Wales & Scotland with side trips to the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and Ireland both north and south. There was at least one picture for virtually every coastal tramway that has existed at one time or another. The systems ranged from single route horse car operations to large city networks with quite a few oddities for good measure.

A new speaker for us was Bob Hodges whose topics covered Eastbourne, Seaton and the Great Orme before moving on to Belgium and the Netherlands. Bob also ventured to the USA with lines to the seaside at San Francisco and Los Angeles.

In the first of our two presentations mixing stills and video, Alan Holmewood concentrated on recent events at Volk's Electric Railway at Brighton, After a look at the line with still images before the recent changes we moved on to video of the Santa specials in 2017 and then the line as it is now following its full reopening at Easter 2018.

Our final speaker was Alan Pearce who firstly showed still pictures of the former metre-gauge system at Aarhus taken in 1967, some four years before its closure. Since November 2017 Aarhus has a new standard-gauge light rail system (Letbane) and Alan's video taken in May included views of it where it runs along the harbour front. Future expansion will involve tram-train operation in two directions into developing suburban areas around the city. Alan also showed video of the tramway museum at Schönberger Strand in northern Germany. In addition to standard-gauge trams from Hamburg and other places there is mixed gauge trackage to enable 1100 mm-gauge cars from Kiel, Lübeck and Braunschweig to operate.

Geoffrey Tribe

London Area - 17th July 2018

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