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Jason Cross, 20th February 2018

Jason Cross, who is a well known transport photographer, travelled from Leicester to give us his presentation. As well as trams Jason is also interested in all forms of public transport and this was reflected in what he showed us. As the title suggested he photographs the current scene over very wide geographical area as well as organising and taking part in themed photo shoots with vintage vehicles in both museum settings and, where possible, in interesting street locations. Many of the organised shoots are after dark with flood lights to give spectacular results.

A technique often employed to provide a different viewpoint is to have the camera high up at the end of a pole with the image displayed to him on a screen at ground level. With suitable precautions to avoid overhead cables etc. the results can be impressive, for example looking down on an underground train crossing a viaduct from an otherwise impossible viewpoint. It also enables a clear view over dense vegetation of subjects such as the Manx Electric Railway.

As already mentioned we saw many different modes of transport; they were grouped by topic and as well as all of the UK tramway and rapid transit systems we saw numerous locations on the national railway network and various preserved railways and even some motorbuses. However whatever the mode portrayed the techniques used were inspirational and are transferable to between modes.

It was an excellent evening that was enjoyed and appreciated by all of those who were luck enough to be there.

Geoffrey Tribe

London Area - 20th February 2018

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