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Tramways in Boston and New Orleans

Martin Eady, 18th April 2017

As well as the advertised topics of Boston and New Orleans, Martin had included much more in his presentation which concentrated mainly on North America.

The opening views were of the Hershey Electric's terminus in street track that is situated in Casablanca, a ferry ride across the bay from the main part of Havana. Then followed an in depth look at New Orleans in February 2016 with both replica and original streetcars on a variety of routes both old and new. The system had shrunk to just the St Charles line by 1964 but in more recent times there have been a number of new or reopened lines and at the time of Martin's visit work had started on the line along North Rampart Street to Elysian Fields Avenue which opened later in 2016. We next moved to the west coast for a comprehensive look at San Francisco's many transport attractions that was followed by a briefer view of Los Angeles.

The second half of the presentation started in Boston in 1980 with the painful transition from the well worn PCC fleet to the spectacularly unreliable Boeing-Vertol cars. After Boston it was the turn of the museum operations at Seashore and Brantford before crossing the continent once more to see museum operation in Vancouver and Edmonton as well as the light rail system in the latter city to conclude the main part of the programme. However as a bonus Martin showed us both the heritage tramway worked with ex Nürnberg bogie motor and trailer sets and the modern light rail system (Antray) in the Turkish seaside city of Antalya before coming closer to home with some views of Beamish.

Our thanks are due to Martin for putting together a most interesting and entertaining evenings show.

Geoffrey Tribe

London Area 18th April 2017

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