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Eastern Germany Revisited 2016

John Laker & Keith Spillett, 17th January 2017

In the first part we visited Brandenburg, Woltersdorf, Schöneiche-Rüdersdorf, Berlin, Potsdam, Halberstadt, Nordhausen and Naumburg. The only large city visited was Berlin where we saw car in normal service as well as the S-Bahn which was used to make some longer distance connections between different groups of tram routes; in some of the smaller cities the group had the use of museum cars and we also saw the quite large variety of cars now in use in regular service.

The second part of the presentation continued the theme of visiting smaller systems and this time we saw Gera, Jena, Bad Schandau (Kirnitzschtalbahn), Zwickau and Gotha.

Special features seen included two quite different examples of tram-train operation in Nordhausen and Zwickau and rural operation at Bad Schandau and on the interurban Thüringerwaldbahn at Gotha.

All in all it was a most entertaining presentation and our thanks are due to John & Keith for an interesting evening that was enjoyed by those present.

Geoffrey Tribe

London Area - 17th January 2017

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