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Europe’s Trams in the 1960s

Nick Lera, 16th January 2006

On Monday 16th January Nick Lera, the former BBC News Cameraman, treated us to a slide show of pictures taken around the world in the course of his work. Normally known for his excellent moving images, this talk gave us a chance to see some of his equally good still photography. Many of the images had not been shown to an audience previously.

Our speaker began with images of Glasgow trams during the last year of operation, when only route 9 survived. We were then transported to Europe with early scenes of the Belgium Coast, and two-axle cars in Brussels. Austria was the next country visited with scenes of Vienna when most of the fleet comprised two-axle cars pulling trailers. Old cars were also seen in Linz and operating the long closed route 4 to Solbad Hall in Innsbruck. Then we saw glimpses of Zurich and Turin. These were followed by some evocative shots of diminutive two-axle cars in Valencia in the dark blue livery. Next came large number of early scenes of Portuguese trams in Coimbra, Oporto and Lisbon. The tramway section concluded with scenes of Mexico City PCC’s taken at the time of the 1968 Olympics.

The evening ended with some scenes of London Trolleybuses including a shot of one passing Garrick’s Villa, home of Sir James Clifton Robinson of London United Tramways fame, which had a private tram siding until 1911.

John Laker, 23/1/06

LRTA London Meeting 16th January 2006

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