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Trams Go To The Movies

Alan Williams, 8th June 2004

Alan Williams gave a most entertaining and somewhat different presentation entitled “Trams Go To The Movies”. The programme took the form of a quiz, with the audience being asked to identify the film title and the tramway system portrayed. In total Alan showed clips from 30 classic films dating from as far back as the 1920’s. The films including such classics as Hitcock’s 1936 film “Sabotage”, featuring London M class cars filmed in a studio near White City, “Malcolm” set in Melbourne, “Odd Man Out” starring James Mason set in Belfast with excellent scenes on a balcony car, and “Bicycle Thieves set in Rome”. Probably the highlight was a long sequence from Harold Lloyd’s “Speedy” showing a horse car chase in New York interspersed with many shots of Third Avenue conduit cars and elevated railways in the 1920’s. Needless to say knowing the speakers interest in Belgium scenes from “The Nuns Story”, “I Was a Spy”, “Secret Army”, “Poirot” and others gave us glimpses ranging from Vicinal Steam trams to scenes in Brussels and Antwerp.

John Laker, 11/7/04

London Area – 8th June 2004

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