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Spring 2016: Developments

Spring 2016: Developments

There have been discussions at Council meetings about extending the tramline to its full intended design length to Newhaven, and various costs have been mentioned. Perhaps the appointment of a new General Manager from Nottingham is a good omen, as he oversaw the expansion of the network there to double its route mileage. To deal with capacity demand, it has been rumoured that the speed on the off-road sections of track may be raised from 70 to 80 kph, which would allow for an improved headway. On the public roads the appropriate speed limits would need to be observed.

It will have been noted that Edinburgh South MSP Jim Eadie had led a debate, with generally cross-party support, and encouraged by both the LRTA and CRAG to develop the South Suburban line for tram-train use. Derek MacKay, Minister for Transport and the Islands, has undertaken to support funding for a study to consider such a project. Of course, many tram-train systems are operational in Europe already, and shortly one is to be tested between Sheffield and Rotherham.

Meanwhile, Network Rail are pressing ahead with building the Edinburgh Gateway interchange between the tram and the heavy rail line to the Forth Bridge, to give a link to Fife, Perth and the North-East.

Edinburgh Gateway tramstop and railway station under construction by Network Rail.

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